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Azadeh Atzberger Break-Free Life Coach


Spiritual Counselor Break-Free Life Coach & Author Azadeh Atzberger

Are you ready to break through your strongholds, to experience real recovery, and to walk through life with God at your side?

If you’re ready to grow and heal, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve been exactly where you are, trying to heal, to recover on my own, and have experienced multiple setbacks. It wasn’t until I dug deep into myself and, with His hand, worked through my trauma, my fear, and my strongholds, that I was able to experience real healing.

It’s my goal to share not only my journey, my struggles, and my triumphs with you, but help guide you to God, so you can also experience the power of true inner healing to create that true recovery you may be striving for.

I’m Azadeh, and my passion is to help you break free from your bondage.

Coaching Services

Spiritual Counselor
Break-Free Life Coach & Author Azadeh Atzberger

Work with Azadeh 1:1

Recovery can be a very intimate process, no matter what you’re healing from. With individual coaching, keep that safe, secure feeling and get the targeted help you need.

Counseling for couples

Couples Coaching

I love working with couples through redemptive principles to bring intimacy back. My husband and I know the struggles of the seasons in marriage. We have learned to let go of the patterns and behaviors that don’t serve us in our marriage and worked really hard to come together with God and His perfect design of a marriage!


Spiritual & Emotional Recovery
Freedom Comes From Repeated Breakthroughs

Using Food to Cope With Codependency

We’ve all had losses. We have all been hurt, wronged, and treated unfairly. What we do with that inner pain will be the filter for our decisions and destiny. We can escape momentarily through eating and running to others to soothe us, or we can say enough is enough and meet God in our deepest, most fragile place of injury. He can heal ANYTHING and ANYONE! He can go back in time to heal. He can show up in your deepest fears and turn those raging waters into calm rivers.

When we find courage within ourselves and say YES to standing with Him, say YES to diving into those pockets in our soul where we hide from the world, He will faithfully meet us there and heal our pain. Expect tears, expect pain, expect heartache, but as He heals you, you will no longer be emotionally bound to your injuries. You will have new insight and will be left with new memories of Him standing there and defending you. You will feel a new and deep love poured into your heart!

Adult Children of Narcissistic Parents

Did you grow up feeling like an object, a plant in the room that was just watered once a day? Were you shamed and shunned for having a feeling or a need? Were your thoughts and opinions rejected? Did you feel like a burden in your childhood??

Many of us then struggle with multiple addictions and self-harming ways to soothe ourselves. We continually attract emotionally unavailable, or alcoholic and narcissistic partners and friends. And our need, even though we don’t want to admit it, is to be consistently validated.

You don’t have to walk with an orphan spirit anymore, you don’t have to feel less than others who have had healthy, loving up bringing, you can have a new father, GOD! You most certainly can heal your traumas and get up and out of your addictions. You can attract healthy, loving and nourishing relationships, but you must do the work! It is not going to be easy, it is messy, emotional, and 2 steps forward 3 steps back, but God will do the spiritual surgery if you show up, do the hard work and give it ALL to Him.

Adult Children of Narcissistic Parents

Letters to a Narcissist: The Real-Life Story, Journal, and Inside View of a Narcissistic Relationship

If you have wondered what it’s like to walk through the painful and damaging journey of a narcissistic relationship, know someone who has or are in one yourself and need a hand to understand you are not alone and there is hope…this book is for you.

This book is a unique combination of one woman’s story, her actual journal pages and raw, vulnerable emotions. Each chapter comes with notes from Azadeh Atzberger the Best-Selling Author of “Adult Children of Narcissistic Parents” and Christian Counselor who works primarily with survivors of narcissistic abuse.

12 Steps of Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse

We don’t have to be victims any longer! We can finally take our power back and heal so we can start feeling more comfortable in loving relationships which starts with us and God first!

One narcissistic relationship after another, and another round of emotional pain and grief, left confused in despair, trying to figure out how it happened again? That’s when I decided I am going to break this cycle if it’s the last thing I do! I knew I was the ONLY one who could break this destructive and self-damaging pattern for myself. I kept asking myself HOW? I can’t isolate from relationships, I love people! I can’t walk around not trusting and being suspicious of everyone, that kills my mental health! I went back to what got me sober in the first place. The 12 steps! Bam!

About Azadeh

Azadeh Atzberger, Author and Coach

Have you ever felt completely lost, a stranger to even yourself? I used to run from one addiction to the next, created a number of self-destructive coping mechanisms, and had no sense of my worth or value. However, that all changed when I found that I am a child of God.

It was His character that led me to trust Him completely and guide me on my journey of healing and self-discovery. When I partnered with God, my heart and soul were healed.

Through my journey, I discovered my calling: to share His infinite wisdom as we walk our own paths of healing. It’s my biggest passion in life to help others heal and grow from past trauma, addiction, abuse, and experience more and more grace.

We all want to be free, and when you’re ready to face your fears, talk about your experiences, and truly heal, I can walk you out of the maze.

Nothing is more rewarding and gratifying for me than to work with you one-on-one and help you close the gap in the fractured self and heal your relationship with self.

Azadeh Atzberger, Author and Coach

This First picture is me using food Diet/Binge to cope with codependency while keeping my inner pain hidden and far away from the surface.

The picture with me in a dress was taken on 3/26/2022, I don’t diet/binge anymore because I have found me and am connected to my inner guidance system!

You can do it too!

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Trauma Bonding

Are you in an abusive relationship? Have you tried to get out, but always go back and try harder to make it work? You’re not alone. Leaving is painful, but Jesus promises healing and bringing the right people to you if you stand with Him.

When Our Reactions are Fight, Flight, Freeze and Fawn

Recognizing these reactions does not make us bad people or flawed. If you grew up in a alcoholic or narcissistic home, you learned these reactions from our parents and to cope because we didn’t have any other other tools. The first step is to recognize it, then move towards healing it with new tools and responses.

My Talk in Dallas, TX at the Unstoppable Success Summit

From the depths of addiction and trauma, I found my inner strength. 22 years ago, in a moment of clarity amidst detox, I glimpsed my true self. Memories of abuse haunted me, but fueled my determination to help others. I earned my drug and alcohol counseling certificate, reconnecting with my purpose. Later, I found unconditional love in my husband of 15 years, a beacon of support. With newfound resilience, I pursued my degree in human services. I’m proof that healing is possible. Stay tuned for my full talk, “Finding Freedom.”